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Bra Extender 3 Hook Strap (Pack of 3)

Bra Extender 3 Hook Strap (Pack of 3)

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  • ERS 

  • Our bra-extender is used to add more extra breathing room to bras that are too tight and comfortable while wearing your bra.

  • Made of nylon material and the metal hook part is made of stainless steel, our bra extender is soft and comfortable to wear. With elastic in the middle, stretchy, adjustable length. Fit for most size bra.


  • Easy to use: Attach the hooks of the bra extender to your bra hook loops, then use the hooks on your bra to attach to the hook loops of the extender.
  • 3 hook bra extender size: Size (Length x Width): 3.7 x 1.77 inch, 0.5 inch(1.3cm) spacing between hook centers.
  • Package: 3 pieces 3 hook bra extenders (0.5inch hook spacing)
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