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The Magnetic Door Catch

The Magnetic Door Catch

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Do you find yourself frequently needing to manually close your cabinet doors?

This Magnetic Door Catch has a 20 lb magnetic force, thin design, and easy installation with adhesive or screws. Keep your cabinet doors tightly closed for safety and security. 


Strong Magnetic: With a magnetic force of 20 lbs, this door catch keeps cabinet doors tightly closed.

Ultra Thin: At only 4mm thick, it takes up minimal space and leaves no gap when the door is closed.

Adhesive & Easy to Install: No need to drill any holes, simply use the adhesive double-side tape to securely attach the catch to your cabinet. 


1. Clean the surface of your cabinet where you want to attach the catch.
2. Peel off the protective film on the adhesive tape.
3. Press the catch firmly onto the cabinet surface.
4. Attach the strike plate to the door.
5. Adjust the position of the catch and strike plate until the door closes securely. 


Q: Does this product come with screws and adhesive?
A: Yes, each pack contains 4 screws and 2 pieces of double-sided adhesive.

Q: Do I need to drill any holes for installation?
A: No, the adhesive tape ensures a secure attachment without the need for drilling.
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